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Hard and flexible microcellular crosslinking foam, various densities and color codes available


  1. Easily cut into various shapes.

  2. Specification of different hardnesses.

  3. You can use sheets for expansion and pellets for injection.


  • Automotive thermal insulation and sound insulation

  • Automotive targets

  • Playground mat

  • Comfort mat

  • Cushion on furniture

  • Sandals & Shoe Insoles

  • Sports shock absorbers

  • Flotation targets

Levafoam ejemplo04.jpg

Ideal for application in automotive parts such as rear view mirrors, seats, engine packaging and electronics.

Reusable material for having agave particles

Levafoam ejemplo06.jpg

Application as acoustics in speakers, sound wave insulation in rooms.

Thermal insulation for home, industry and offices.

Also used to store rugs

Levafoam ejemplo05.jpg

Children's toy parts.

Fully thermoformed material, no burr.

Also used for making life jackets or floats.

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