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Plasticos y Inyectores de Saltillo S.A de C.V was founded in 1988.


It has 7600 m² of floor dedicated to the production, research, innovation and development of projects.

Injection, blowing and injection blowing of plastic parts.

We have the solution to your injection and blowing project

Every need is different and requires detailed engineering from our experts with more than 30 years of experience.

What are your requirements?

Our machines of

injection and blow


21 injection molding machines


8 Battenfield from 100 to 200 tons


9 Lien Yu from 75 to 350 tons


4 Taimex of 200 and 300 Tn

9 All Green blowing machines with a capacity of 10 ml to 5 l

Machines under 10 years old

Agave fiber foam process

1 injection blow molding machine with a capacity from 15 ml to 1L

Peripheral equipment (temperature control, regulator, automatic chargers, dryer, mixers, thermoregulator, dehumidifier)


With technology and experience we manufacture your product

and we pack it according to your needs

Committed to our customers

We have experience in injection and blowing solutions.

We are here to meet your needs.

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